JULY 2022ūüé∂

ūüéĻ News from IRMTNZ Youth Music Festival 2022:

Congratulations to Jayden Ma for winning a gold medal at the Grade 1-2 class and also the Sounz prize for Best Performance of a New Zealand Work. Yani Jiang won Highly Recommended award in Grade 7-8 class. Well done both of you!


JUNE 2022ūüé∂

ūüéĻCongratulations to all students at our¬†mid-year student concert at St. Andrew's on The Terrace. We enjoyed listening to your wide variety of music, from Mozart, Rachmaninov to Star Wars and jazz tunes! Bravo!


DECEMBER 2021ūüé∂

ūüéĻCongratulations to the following students on their excellent exam results:

Dora Wang - Grade 1 passed with distinction
Jacob Busby - Grade 1 passed with distinction
Arnav Chouhan - Grade 1 passed with distinction
Caleb Ling - Grade 3 passed with distinction
Jerome Ling - Grade 4 passed with distinction
Henry Xu - Grade 5 passed with distinction


SEPTEMBER 2021ūüé∂

ūüéĻThe last concert of this year was limited to 50 people under Covid restrictions,¬†which proved to be a bit of a¬†challenge!¬†We made it happen and everyone¬†had a great time. It was lovely to hear our students play for us.

JUNE 2021ūüé∂

ūüéĻThe 2021 Piano Plus Festival was a great experience for our young competitors. Congratulations to:¬†
Jayden Ma : for winning the gold medal in the Preliminary Class. He was also awarded the Soundz prize for Best Performance of a New Zealand Work
Jaiden Lam: for winning the gold medal in Grade 1-2 class
Annika Bonk : for winning the gold medal in Grade 3-4 class

APRIL 2021ūüé∂

ūüéĻ Well done to all our young pianists at¬†our first concert of the year and thanks to family and friends for coming to support us

JANUARY 2021¬†ūüé∂

ūüéĻ¬†A Special congratulations to Cynthia Wratt for completing her BMus degree and achieving¬†ATCL performance diploma¬†

ūüéĻ Congratulations to our piano exam students for achieving excellent results in the Nov/Dec¬†2020¬†Trinity exams:¬†¬†
Caleb Ling - Grade 1 passed with distinction  
Jerome Ling - Grade 2 passed with distinction  
Henry Xu - Grade 3 passed with distinction  
Krish Chouhan - Grade 3 passed with distinction  
Mira McLaren - Grade 7 passed with distinction