Duo Enharmonics

NICOLE CHAO AND BETH CHEN form a duo team that combines dazzling virtuosity and romantic lyricism

Duo Enharmonics is a classical piano duo formed by Nicole Chao and Beth Chen. Described as “exhilarating piano duettist” playing with “unanimity of feeling and technical mastery”, the duo has reached audiences far and wide with their dynamic performances both live and on social media. 

​Nicole and Beth both studied with Prof. Thomas Hecht at the New Zealand School of Music in the early 2000s. As students, the pair studied piano 4-hand playing and the collaboration ignited a passion to perform together. Although they pursued separate careers after graduating, the duo made a comeback in 2017 when Beth returned to New Zealand. 

​The duo has performed as a part of New Zealand School of Music and Chamber Music New Zealand concerts. They are active supporters of local charities, performing in benefit concerts each year to support communities. Their repertoire ranges from Bach to 21st-century contemporary music, including all major works and orchestral transcriptions. The duo has self produced and released several music videos of well-known classical four-hand piano music. The videos display the depth of their collaborative playing, showing choreography of their hands and technical showmanship. The duo is active on social media platforms appealing to the younger audiences with regular posts from behind-the-scenes. 

​ In concerts, Duo Enharmonics' performance is an exquisite blend of harmonious sounds from the soothing to the thrilling. They are popular as performers all around New Zealand.


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