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NZ Six Hands Trio


The NZ Six Hands Trio is made up of three Wellington pianists: Nicole Chao, Hamish Robb and Beth Chen. These pianists went through their Masters Performance degrees together, at the same time, at the New Zealand School of Music, over 15 years ago. Since then, they have each had successful careers as piano soloists, chamber musicians and teachers. Their performances combine 6-hand and 4-hand pieces. Dedicated to classic works, avant-garde music, and cross-genre pieces alike, they bring an exciting energy to each and every performance. Follow them on FACEBOOK for updates.


More about these musicians in their duo teams

Duo Enharmonics

Nicole & Beth form a duo team that combines dazzling virtuosity and romantic lyricism. They actively connect with their fans on social media with a modern flare.

Duo Ombré 

Hamish & Beth bring a powerful expressivity to their performances, each one of which they treat like a carefully sculpted work of art.

  NZ Six Hands Trio




Wednesday, 8 August, 12.15pm

Lunchtime concert, St. Andrews on The Terrace




Friday 25 May, 12.10pm

Lunchtime concert, New Zealand School of Music

Gate 7, Kelburn Parade, Victoria University of Wellington





Friday 27 April, 7pm

Karori Klassics (Fundraiser for Wellington Children't Hospital)

St. Mary's, Karori




Wednesday 7 March, 6.00pm

TTE Live: The Third Eye + Chamber Music New Zealand Classical Sessions

The Third Eye - Tuatara's Temple of Taste. 30 Arthur St. Wellington